Letterman: Top 10 Signs You Might Not Be Ready to Join the Air Force


Air Force Week in New York City just wrapped up Aug. 21. But no trip to the Big Apple is complete without a trip to the Late Show with David Letterman. Ten airmen got their close-up, delivering Letterman’s signature Top 10 list.  Check out how they did.


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  1. Why didn’t they at least all where blues. It was not an event that deemed to not look professional with an evening out on the Big Apple.

  2. Why is almost every reason about flying? The Air Force has a lot of career fields…not just ones that deal with planes.

  3. A stethescope is NOT authorized to wear around the neck (not sure why she would even be wearing it for TV). Several members clearly did not “present a professional image” (fat, hair out of regs, uniforms improperly worn….) Disappointed to see us represented like that to a national audience.

  4. I really feel like this kind of thing is a poor representation of the Air Force. It is unprofessional and makes us look very immature. I would suggest either a follow on with a more serious tone or simply not doing anymore of these.

  5. Fat and flight suits do NOT mix. I guess dress and appearance didn’t apply to these troops, been partying all week in NYC

  6. Air Force is finally showing its tru colors. Overhyped, overwhelmed bureaucrats. Where are the hard-working career fields like Red Horse engineers, Plumbers, Shovel Operators, street sweepers? They are treated like the red headed stepchildren, hidden down in the basement.

  7. Col Marcus Johnson used to be the deputy group commander for the 381st Training Group, Vandenberg AFB CA. He is a beast and represented the Air Force well. Some of the comments are correct, and better representations of a professional image could have been chosen. At least, Col Johnson represented, leading from the front!

  8. Wow really with these comments?
    All of you guys are rediculous, If you want “big blue” goto http://www.airforce.com and watch a recruiting video. All I see are people foaming at the mouth about uniforms and “why isn’t my job respresented!” It’s about flying because we’re AN AIR FORCE you shoe clerk, we’re not the Finance Force. Also it’s a comedy show, showing a light side of the branch, so LIGHTEN up you self-licking icecream cones.

    -An annoyed NCO

  9. 1.) Letterman show is not known for its seriousness.
    2.) The military could improve its recruiting and retention by showing as a whole, we DO have a sense of humor.
    3.) Uniform wear might have beed requested by the TV producers as what they usually wear during the duty day which would explain the various uniforms and the stethescope.
    4.) These individuals were likely selected for a specific reason.
    5.) The air force got a whole week on the show, and this is only one small segment of it
    6.) Way to be supportive of the rest of the Air Force Team.

  10. Most of you have got it all wrong, the purpose of this televised appearance was to support The Air Force and to have a good laugh. But instead you would rather talk bad about them because they dont look perfect in your eyes. All of these Airman have stepped up to support and protect this country every single day, so please a little respect would be nice.

  11. Letterman is horrible. No respect. He acts insulted when the audience gives the airmen a standing ovation and then seems to think they are cheering HIM by saying “Thank you”. How did we accept a representation like this?

  12. Great to see Air Force recognized. Patriotic standing ovation.
    Sad to see so many critics.
    “Those Protected, Seldom taste the Price of Freedom”.

  13. Your not ready when you realize your get paid the same thing as a non maintainer working 8 hours a day, when you are working 12’s a day on the flight line?

    And yes, these Aircrew Airman look like crap in thier Flight suits?

  14. SrA Perfection on

    These comments are laughable. We’re fighting six (or is it seven? Or eight?) wars in countries that most Americans can’t spell, pronounce or locate on a map, and no one can give us an honest, legitimate answer as to why we’re in all of these countries, or threatening to invade more countries. At the same time they’re proposing more wars, “our” representatives in both corporate parties are proposing significant cuts to the retirement plan, health care and tuition assistance…these events don’t make anyone angry, but someone’s hair being out of regs makes people flip out…very smart, people, you keep flipping out about hair and uniform wrinkles while your brothers and sisters get their body parts blown off and while your retirment plan gets raided to pay off the upper-class tax cuts of the last decade…

  15. Why would they have to wear blues? Everyone in the AF has this idea that we have to wear blues to be professionl, we’re in the military, it is a profession of arms, this isn’t WWII.

  16. Wow and I thought we were supposed to look and be outstanding professionals at all times. Looks like I have been mistaken.

  17. For everyone asking, “why did thet let out of shape members represent the Air Force” or saying, “these guys are bad representations of the Air Force” . . . You are correct, but remember it’s the civilians and all their PC garbage making the military weak, making basic training a joke. Heaven forbid you are held to tough standards, and create waivers for non-hackers so they can get into and stay in one of the United States Armed Services.

  18. Good lord! Why is it that most of you are only seeking to find something negative about clips like these…this bit was clearly intended to be humorous, and designed for the 98% of the U.S. that is NOT in the armed forces. The public doesn’t really think that we operate with a variety of career fields…they mostly assume that the AF just flies planes, and the Navy just rides boats, and Army and Marines just shoot guns all day in Afghanistan!…The general civilian populace builds their knowledge of the military from movies and news…stereo types like those are what they can relate to…I can’t even count the times I have told people that I am in the AF and then they immediately ask “Oh yea, What plane do you fly?” Try using a joke that is the truth…like “you don’t have enough apps on your smart phone to pass the time while waiting in the finance customer service lobby” they wouldn’t really get it…Oh yea, and I only saw maybe two people that would even remotely be considered “fat”…and they probably got chosen because they submitted the joke during AF week; I doubt some general wrote those then picked random people to read them. Also they probably wore a variety of uniforms to show our different looks…you critics just need to shut up and try being a little supportive of those individuals.

  19. I’d like to see any one of you ripping on their appearances to call out that MSgt for his hair, I’m sure you saw his freefall wings and ribbon rack… too many arm chair quarterback comments.

  20. Naysayers need to accept this as a form of recognition rather than an opportunity to break people down.

    Speaking of “representing”, half of you need to work on your English, spelling and basic grammar skills. Especially those with negative opinions. Throwing stones while in glass houses and all that jazz..

  21. Technical Sergeant Thatcher on

    I’m sure all those complaining about this segment are the epitome of physical fitness, and military bearing. Lighten up, and stop crying about everything!

    This was a great representation of my USAF!

  22. Clearly it was a group from a Reserve Unit or ANG unit.. Active Duty folk would have been looking sharp. You have to remember that AFR and ANG use the 36-2903 for tolietpaper

  23. I think you guys are taking this way too seriously. This is for the civilians; not for us. The civilians arent questioning how unprofessional the stethoscope appears.

  24. I thought the segment was funny, but the Colonel med flyer needs to lose weight, the MSgt needs to cut his damn hair, and they all need to present a better image. The Colonel who did #1 was one of the few very professional one, but he at least could have worn long sleeves.

  25. Good Grief people, can you not just be PROUD we’re represented in a positive light at all??? In light of all the scandal going on in Basic Training, this is GOOD news coverage. Stop being such jealous people!

  26. This is great, and they all seemed professional to me. Hair was all in regs. To the why didn’t they all wear blues. Blues look terrible it looks like a uniform outa the fifties and fits like it to, Not all career fields wear them. I haven’t worn mine since i graduated BMT. This was a great showcase of the USAF!! Great job guys!!!

  27. Why are you guys so negative? The Letterman people probably made her wear that stethescope to point out she was medical. All you negative “airman” are just upset you couldn’t get on TV. How about showing something positive because the Air Force was getting some great publicity.

  28. Let me first wipe the tears from my eyes from laughing. I thought it was hilarious. The audience definitely appreciated the service men and women. I’m sure they enjoyed poking a little fun.

  29. These 10 Airmen are a classic example of the Air Force. Not everyone is a poster child for recruiting. The Air Force is a cross-section of America and guess what, some of them are over weight too. Thank you the Air Force Public Affairs for keeping it real. They overweight medical officer is pretty much what you see every day at every AF base.

  30. That was pathetic, nearly all about flying and they all looked like dirtbags. No wonder people think we’re all the “Chair Force”.. GREAT JOB Public Relations on reviewing this one.

  31. At first I though they should have at least all worn blues but I’m guessing they were trying to show the different uniforms everyone wears. But no matter what uniform they were in they should have been looking sharp! And they should have picked people that pass their PT test.

  32. Great job representing! Good to see the Air Force being promoted in a humorous way too.

    Lay off the Airman-bashing. It’s an all-volunteer force from all walks — thanks for your service and sacrifice!

  33. It’s really a shame to see the transition towards battle dress as a standard for military personnel.

    I blame the Army for starting this trend after September 11, when the desire to retire the green uniform led to everyone wearing ACUs all of the time. Now the Air Force has jumped on the bandwagon. In the Reserves, many troops — they balk at being called that, by the way — don’t even have Blues that fit, and they find every excuse not to wear them.

    We need to get back to understanding that soldiers (in the generic sense, including airmen and sailors) are more than just field personnel. There’s a time to wear combat uniforms, and there’s a time to put on ties. This was not a good time for ABUs and flight suits.

  34. I don;t understand why everyone is saying that this is unprofessional. It’s supposed to be funny. Come on now. And the stethescope comment? Really? They probably asked her to wear it anyway.. Seems like some people need to ligthen up and not take themselves so seriously all the time.

  35. I agree that a lot of the comments are a little ignorant, but the fat chick, the uniform violations, and the haircut were things that should have been controlled prior to the event. We push PT to insane and obscene levels – why did we let a fat female onto that stage?!?

  36. The MSgt is active duty. I guarantee he can pass the AF PT test at the high end of the scale. His hair is within regs, barely, but that’s because of what he does and where he goes. High and tight is not the standard. As far as the comments about the jokes revolving around flying, that’s how the Air Force is viewed. The general public won’t get the terms “dirt boys” or “pilots are just pedestrians without maintenance, or POL or whatever”.

  37. AIR Force, folks….get a real job flying and you won’t be so jealous.

    Last time I checked the public didn’t care about street sweepers when it came an organization called the Air Force.


  39. I read the comments before I watched the clip, and frankly, I was hesitant to view after all the negative comments.
    Now relieved after watching it. It’s in good taste, and I tend to get critical with people who “dis” our Air Force.

  40. COACHJOHNB: I don’t care if the fat chick was the Chief of Staff. Pointing out that the fat chick is an officer wearing a stethoscope over her uniform on national TV makes it worse. Hell why don’t officers just put some nose rings and facial tattoos up there as well. The fat chick shouldn’t be IN the AF looking like that – but then again officers do protect their own, don’t they? Selective use of the PT Force Shaping tools, huh?

  41. What a bunch of CLOWNS some people are with their negative comments. Amazes me that the majority of these comments seem to forget this was on a LATE NIGHT SHOW (i.e. humor was the goal here). This wasn’t a CNN Special Report. I thought they did an excellent job representing the Air Force. There was an even mix of the variety of uniforms displayed. Yes….most of you who are spewing negative comments didn’t bother to realize that there were 4 people in Service Dress, 3 people in flight suits, 2 in ABU’s and one in short-sleeve blues. ALL of which are authorized uniforms!!! So quick your complaining already. Just because you’re jealous that you didn’t get selected to be on TV isn’t going to make us feel sorry for you!! (Reading your lame comments on the other hand will.)

  42. ICBMGUY, Maybe you should learn how to spell or your choice of words before you start taking the role of whatever the hell it is. “so quick your complaining already.” Really? haha!

  43. WOW!!! If the ONLY thing “You’re Wrong” can come up with is a typo, then we are pretty darn lucky to live in a world with someone who is so PERFECT. Get over yourself you TOOL. Like you would even know what it means to put the uniform on. There is only one thing you are PERFECT at…that is being a CLOWN. Good day Chump!!!

  44. We are representing ourselves poorly by trolling each other on this website.

    Let it be, what is done is done. I would imagine the civillian population enjoyed the show and the Air Force week.

  45. That Msgt that needed a hair cut? He’s a special operations weatherman. Quit raggin on him and have some respect. He’s done more for this country then anyone of you bitching about regs. They’re up there having fun.

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