A not-so-uniform reaction to new gridiron garb


(Courtesy U.S. Air Force Academy)

If this were an episode of “E! Fashion Police,” the Air Force would have (more than likely) been on the “worst dressed” list.

Flashback: Air Force played Navy over the weekend, with the Midshipmen winning 28-21 in overtime against the Falcons.

But what also caused a stir were the new uniforms Air Force was sporting: Specially designed uniforms, inspired by the Air Force’s B-2 Spirit and F-22 Raptor aircraft. The name on the back of the even-numbered jerseys had “F-22 Raptor” while the odd numbered jerseys had “B-2 Spirit” in place of the names.

The helmet logo represented the top view of a B-2 Spirit aircraft.

Fans of both teams took to Twitter to express how the uniforms caught their attention. Some had positive feedback:

@IcedB: I see ya Air Force. Helmets looking tight!! Love the black, blue & silver w/ jet names on back #jerseytalk #NavyAirForce #tripleoption

@KjelPK: Great jerseys!!! Air Force with B-2 and F-22 stealth plane inspired uniforms for their game against Navy

While others did not:

@AfterAction: Navy fans’ reactions to the Air Force unis is hilarious. The aircrafts’ names on the back strikes me as really bizarre. #NavyAirForce

‏@GoalieLax: Air Force would look less silly if they came out wearing a Geico money man uniform

@am_myers: WOW. Air Force black uniforms for today’s game vs. Navy are freaking HIDEOUS! Who approved THAT???

Finally, Uni Watch, “the obsessive study of athletics aesthetics” website, weighed in on the Falcons’ attire, stating, “As ugly as they were, one good thing about them was that they were using a real block font, instead of that weak block font that they (and Navy) usually use…”

Good or bad, fashionable or not, any makeover always takes some time getting used to.


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