Roll call redux and other stories in this week’s Air Force Times


Get ready to sound off! Backed by an enthusiastic chief of staff, commands are instituting daily or weekly roll calls so leaders can quit relying on email and get to know their airmen.

In more than two dozen interviews and email exchanges, many airmen say they value opportunity for face-to-face communication, but others worry it is a waste of time.

Meanwhile, 2nd Air Force has instituted a number of new policies meant to stop military training instructors from looking the other way when their colleagues get into forbidden relationships with trainees.

Trainers are now required to report any incidents of misconduct they see or hear about.  At least 20 trainers at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland have been accused of conduct ranging from rape to sending sexually explicit messages to trainees.

In other matters, the Air Force has been forced to freeze the transfer of aircraft to 17 bases because of Congress’ inaction. Lawmakers have passed a “continuing resolution” in lieu of a fiscal 2013 budget that blocks the Air Force from transferring or retiring any aircraft.

And senior noncommissioned officers now must pass four new hurdles to attend the enlisted schools of the Army, Navy Marine Corps and Coast Guard. No longer will the first noncommissioned officers who apply be automatically selected to attend those schools.

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