If your kid has a question about space, ask an astronaut


Ask retired Col. Dutton anything about space…he might pick your question to answer.


If your child is a serious space geek and driving you nuts with all sorts of questions that Google just can’t answer, you should let your kid ask a real astronaut.

The Air Force Academy is taking questions about space from students in kindergarten through 12th grade until Jan. 18, according to a press release. The best questions asked will be selected and answered in a video that will be posted online in February.

Former astronaut and retired Col Jim Dutton will be doing the question answering. Dutton, one of the Academy’s resident experts on space, piloted the NASA STS-131 mission and also is an Academy graduate. He is now an instructor in the Department of Aeronautics.

The Academy is giving young people a chance to interact with Dutton as part of its focus on helping youth build and keep an interest in science, engineering, technology and mathematics education.

Submit questions to STEM@usafa.edu.


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