Sandy-relief aid remains available to military members


Demolition and salvage operations are still happening across the East Coast because of Hurricane Sandy.  And relief goes beyond foundations such as the American Red Cross.

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The Air Warrior Courage Foundation, holding the motto to “care for our own,” was formed back in 1998 as a charitable foundation, providing scholarships and aid to active duty, Guard, reserve, retired military personnel and their families and the families of deceased military members. But through the years they’ve taken on larger projects, including Sandy relief.

The foundation allocated $100,000 for military members in need of lodging, rebuilding, clothing, bare essentials and equipment to start over.

But only 16 members — one Army, one Navy and 14 Air Force — have used about $23,300 of that funding so far.

“When we find out someone who needs funding, we write a check to those people…there’s no bureaucracy involved here. It’s for any military member who needs the help,” said David Brog, the executive director of the Air Warrior Courage Foundation.

“We will keep this funding open until we use up the $100,000,” he said.

“And we can even allocate for more if we need to.”

AWCF was formed out of the Red River Valley Pilots Association (~1967-1970), which has been awarding scholarships and grants to the children and spouses of Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Army aircrew members since the early 70s.

“What was different about [the AWCF]is that the River Valley Pilots Assoc. is limited by IRS rules and can only grant those funding who are considered ‘members.’ We go beyond that,” Brog said.

Since 2003, AWCF has provided more than 130 scholarships and grants to children of airmen who died while serving their country.

“We also provide financials the government cannot, for things such as recreational therapy, rehabilitation for disabled children, groceries, hospital bills for those not covered by dependent care and more,” Brog said.

But it’s not just limited to members who once flew in the sky. For one, the AWCF Board of Directors includes a hodgepodge of retired Navy, Army, Marine Corps and Air Force officers.

If you are in need of Sandy-relief aid or want to get involved in one of AWCF’s many charitable programs, visit, email or call (877) 921-2923.


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