Tuition assistance may return in summer — this week's Air Force Times


The Air Force may reinstitute its tuition assistance program as early as August.

In this week’s edition of Air Force Times, you can read how the Air Force is working to restore the program amid budget cuts and what scholarships and other incentives are available to airmen until tuition assistance returns.

Also this week: The Air Force’s top legal authority and officials from the other services went before irate lawmakers on March 13 to defend commanders’ authority to overturn a verdict from a military jury.

The military criminal justice system has come under sharp criticism from Congress since Third Air Force commander Lt. Gen. Craig Franklin tossed a sex assault conviction against a lieutenant colonel.

In other news, two airmen have been charged for separate incidents in which a young boy under their care died. Both airmen are in jail.

A third airman is slated to stand trial on March 18 for the 2011 death of his son.

And budget cuts have forced the Air Force to suspend periodic re-investigations to make sure airmen who hold Top Secret clearances still meet the criteria to hold their security clearances.

You can read what other measures the Air Force is taking as the service scrambles to deal with massive cuts to defense spending, known as “sequestration.”

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  1. Sir whey don’t you let some of those magnificent men have their benefits instead of taking them away. I see you still have your legs, arms, head, eyes. Quit playing cronyism and do this for the best of this country. There is plenty of fat cats sitting there doing nothing it is about time they quit throwing money down the drain and start paying up. Most of them have paid no ultimate sacrifice. The picture I seen of you boys laughing it up going to congress or the senate you think it is a joke. So think twice before you go and lobby what does that say about the kind of men you are. Thank you

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