Fundraiser to help create film ‘A Child’s Guide to War’


“A Child’s Guide to War” will document the lives of children affected by a lifetime of war.

A fundraising campaign for a documentary on the lives of children affected by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan kicked off  this Memorial Day and will end July 4.

“A Child’s Guide to War” seeks to document the impact of the wars on children who may not remember a time when the U.S. was not in conflict, according to a news release from the film’s directors. Families who want to share their stories are invited to participate.

“For the children who are helping their veteran parents walk again, to dealing with PTSD, and also those who simply have something important to say about war, the film hopes to tell stories about strength of children from every corner of the country,” the news release says.

Susan Hackley, managing director of the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School, is creator and executive producer of the project. Hackley’s son, Zac, was a Marine who served in Iraq.

“We hope this important film will spark a vital conversation,” she said in a statement. “What are the questions that children want to ask about war, and how should adults answer those questions? How can we improve education for young people who will soon be able to vote and go to war themselves?”

Hackley is raising money for the film on, a website where artists, musicians, film-makers and others seek donations for projects.

Donations totaled just more than $4,500 six days into the campaign. The fundraising goal is $31,000. According to the rules of, projects must reach their goals or forfeit all donations.

To learn more about the project or to donate, visit here.

Families interested in being featured in the documentary can email the production team at


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