Apply for 15-year retirement starting today — this week's Air Force Times


Starting today, eligible enlisted airmen and officers with between 15 and 19 years of service can apply for retirement.

This week’s Air Force Times explains who is eligible and how much money you can expect to get if you are approved for early retirement.

Also in this week’s edition: Security forces are bearing the brunt of DOS rollbacks. You can read why they represent an increasing portion of airmen who are being forced out of the service.

Meanwhile, the Air Force has issued new guidance about how to conduct themselves in social media. Air Force Times gives you five things all airmen need to know about what’s OK and what’s considered bad conduct.

In other news, a military appeals court has ruled that victims of sexual assault have the right to their own attorney after a military judge refused to allow an Air Force special victims counselor to represent an alleged rape victim.

And the Air Force now has money to get grounded squadrons back in the air but it will take a while to rebuild readiness. You can read how the consequences of having so many pilots and maintainers idled for three months will take their toll on career development.

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