Former SECDEF Gates weighs in on Tom Clancy's passing


Former Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates speaks with village elders in the village of Tabin on March 8, 2011, in Kandahar, Afghanistan. (Photo provided by:
ISAF Regional Command-South)

For years, Tom Clancy portrayed U.S. service members and intelligence officers as heroes who did battle with Russians, drug lords and other major bad guys.

One of his fans was former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who  would show reporters the movie version of “The Hunt for Red October” during long plane rides. He often joked that James Earl Jones played him in the movie.

So when Clancy died on Tuesday at the age of 66, Flightlines asked Gates if he wanted to weigh in on Clancy’s passing. Here is what he said:

“I am saddened by the passing of Tom Clancy, who brought so much reading and viewing pleasure for so long to millions of us.  Mr. Clancy was always a strong supporter of American men and women in uniform and of those serving in our intelligence agencies as well.  His consistent presentation of them as competent professionals with both skill and integrity was as welcome as it was and is true.” –  Robert M. Gates, former Director of Central Intelligence and former Secretary of Defense.


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