What questions do you have on force cuts?


There’s been a lot of news rolled out over the last month on the Air Force’s voluntary and involuntary force management plans, as our stories below show. But we’re sure you have plenty of other questions that haven’t yet been answered.

What are you wondering about these force cuts? Sound off below, or write me at slosey@airforcetimes.com, and I’ll do my best to answer your questions in an upcoming issue.

New personnel chief: Know your options under force cuts

Board targets enlisteds in overmanned fields for cuts

Airmen facing Quality Force Review Board to be notified Jan. 6

15-year retirement application window opens Jan. 14

Air Force announces rollbacks to speed separations

Retention boards target chiefs in 45 career fields

15-year retirements, enlisted retention boards coming next year


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  1. I am currently assigned to Korea and was wondering if there is any oversight to those currently serving in a potential war zone? I realize the date of separation is 15 Jan 2015 and I will have left Korea at that point but, negative identifiers notwithstanding, how will this affect those that will be assigned or have projected assignments to Korea? Or will it matter at all?

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