Delayed promotion increments posted; April 1 pin-on unaffected


Air Force Times on March 12 received an inquiry from an officer who has been selected for promotion and was expecting to pin on his new rank in the next month or two, but said there was a problem: The Air Force had not yet released promotion increments saying how many airmen would be able to pin on to major, lieutenant colonel and colonel on April 1.

Those increments, the officer said, are usually released 40 days before the pin-on dates, which are the first of every month. But with April 1 just three weeks away, the officer said, several dozen officers weren’t sure whether they were actually going to pin on. That created scheduling problems for the selectees — especially officers overseas — who must coordinate pin-on ceremonies with their families and superior officers.

Air Force Times asked the Air Force Personnel Center March 12 about the promotion increments for the April 1 pin-on. The next day, the increments were posted, AFPC said in an e-mail we just received.

“While there is no set deadline for announcement of increments numbers for promotion, the AF makes every effort to make announcements with sufficient notification time to airmen,” AFPC said. “This will have no impact for officers projected to pin on 1 Apr 14.”


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