Have an injury? Website offers virtual doctor's office to airmen


Is that ankle sprain getting worse? Your knee acting up again? Maybe it’s time to consult someone who isn’t WebMD.

(via http://hprc-online.org/)

(via http://hprc-online.org/)

Now you can “Ask the Expert,” an online program military members and DoD civilians can use to submit questions to sports medicine experts.

Under a new partnership between the Air Force Medical Service and the Defense Department’s Human Performance Resource Center, airmen can consult HPRC experts on sports medicine, physical therapy, exercise physiology, athletic training, nutrition and more, according to an Air Force release.

“All Air Force healthcare providers — whether active duty, Guard, Reserve, civilian, or contractor — need a solid grounding in sports medicine,” said Col. John Oh, the chief of health promotion at the AFMS agency, in the release.

“Ask the Expert” users will input their branch, status, medical topic, and their question and submit it to a sports medicine expert who will respond via email. A response may take a few days, so members who need immediate assistance should see a doctor.

The program also accepts questions on a variety of other health- and performance-related topics, including: nutrition, dietary supplements, family and relationships, environment, mind tactics, and total force fitness, the release said.

“Our Airmen need to be fit to fight, and we medics need basic clinical skills in preventing, diagnosing, treating, and rehabilitating musculoskeletal injuries and conditions; referring patients appropriately; and profiling Airmen accurately for work duties and fitness assessments,” Oh said.

HPRC is a DoD initiative that provides “evidence-based tips and information to Warfighters and military families for optimal performance and health,” according to its website.

To learn more about “Ask the Expert” and HPRC, click here.


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