Real life imitates Duffel Blog: Some Robins airmen ditch chairs

(U.S. Air Force photo / Lea Johnson)

(U.S. Air Force photo / Lea Johnson)

Standing desks have been gaining popularity among office workers for some time, so it’s no surprise that the ergonomic trend has reached the Air Force.

But when our friends at yesterday picked up a story from Georgia’s Macon Telegraph newspaper about 30 or so airmen at Robins Air Force Base ditching chairs in favor of standing desks, it immediately reminded us of this Duffel Blog story from three years ago:

Tired Of ‘Chair Force’ Nickname, Air Force Colonel Bans Chairs

TAMPA, FL — The Commander of the 6th Air Mobility Wing at MacDill Air Force Base announced today that he would no longer allow chairs to be used by his airmen. In his weekly command-wide email, Col. Lenny Richoux stressed the importance of good posture, physical fitness, and “standing tall.”

“We must remember that chairs are detrimental to good posture, mobility, and discipline,” he wrote, “so effective immediately, all chairs are to be removed from offices.”

The Command Chief Master Sergeant, Derrick Crowley, wasn’t buying it.

“This isn’t about posture. The Colonel’s just plain sick and tired of this ‘Chair Force’ moniker. Being around all these CENTCOM doorkickers all day long means we have to put up with all their crap.”

Usually when Duffel Blog’s Paul Szoldra shares goofy real-world stories on Twitter, he uses the hashtag #SHBDB, or Should Have Been Duffel Blog. But this time, might we suggest the hashtag #AWDB, or Actually Was Duffel Blog?

The story on Robins doesn’t mention the so-called Chair Force at all. But you gotta wonder if it’s in the back of those airmen’s minds…



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