Author Joe Gould

Petraeus biographer and West Point grad Paula Broadwell challenged Jon Stewart and her husband, Scott, to a push-up competition. The terms of the contest were the loser would pay the difference in the number of push-ups to the charity Team Red, White and Blue. It’s an organization that incorporates athletics with support for wounded veterans. It would be hard to spoil it, since you can tell from Ms. Broadwell’s jacked arms (and her bio–she’s a triathlete) that this is not going to end well for the desk-bound Mr. Stewart. Just watch.

Want a little aggravation with your coffee this morning? Internet irritator johnnyb34435 claims in a video making the rounds that he likes to wear an unearned uniform on Veterans Day to get free drinks, pro wrestling tickets and free meals. In a voice dripping with sarcasm, the portly pest says “you wouldn’t believe how many bleeding hearts are out there that feel so guilty that someone’s out there fighting for their freedom that they cannot help but buy drinks.” He says he loves 12-year-old Scotch, bloomin’ onions and can’t wait to get his hands on a Medal of Honor. Something tells this…