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Gen. Mark Welsh III has released his first reading list, which also includes films and, for the first time, TED talks in  a fancy new website. “This year’s CSAF Reading List features writings, movies, music, art, and photography that highlight our heritage and fighting spirit, as well as encourage innovation and forward thinking,” Welsh said in a statement announcing the list. “Take a look at the list and find something that grabs your attention.” The books in the list this year are:

With just three months on the job, you might not know a whole lot about new Chief of Staff of the Air Force Gen. Mark Welsh yet, but what you should know by now is that he has a way with words and that he is a proud airman who believes in the power of, well, air power. We here at Air Force Times are looking forward to collecting notebooks of our favorite catchphrases from the chief and hope you are, too.  The big two so far harken to the signature way that Chief Welsh, an F-16 pilot, likes to…

So the question has to be asked: What is in a holiday stocking from the chief of staff? I assume it’s full of challenge coins and PowerPoint presentations about Air Force core values on Pentagon-use approved flash drives, but I could be wrong. Any ideas? Leave your guesses, intelligent or otherwise, in the comment section. Also, ever wonder what the chief looks like dressed down? Now you don’t have to wonder.