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Thousands of airmen have so far been cut voluntarily and involuntarily through the Air Force’s massive force management program — but the Air Force’s mission continues. We’d like to hear from the airmen who remain what effect the cuts have had on them. Are you being asked to do more with less now that your fellow airmen are gone? What has that meant for you? Write me at to let me know. Please include your career field. If you’d like to talk anonymously, that’s fine.

The Air Force’s “strategic pause” on much of its voluntary force-shaping programs created a great deal of concern from many airmen, who feared they were about to be left in the lurch. Some worried that the pause will delay their exit from the Air Force and complicate their efforts to accept job offers from the private sector. In this week’s Air Force Times, we have an exclusive interview with Lt. Gen. Samuel Cox, deputy chief of staff for manpower, personnel and services, in which he lays out exactly what is behind the pause, what it means for you, and dispels…