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This morning’s lunar eclipse — which produced a coppery-red effect known as a “blood moon” — brought out skygazers of all kinds. Among them was pilot, former Air Force contractor, and amateur photographer Joseph Gruber, who snapped this outstanding photo of the blood moon hovering over the Air Force Memorial. Gruber, who is also a first lieutenant with the Civil Air Patrol, said he was trying to find some high ground to snap a good shot of the eclipse in the Crystal City, Va., area where he lives. He realized Long Bridge Park, on the Potomac River, would provide a…

Videographer Jaron Schneider posted this video telling the story of Staff Sgt. Larry Reid, Jr. Reid is the official photographer for the Thunderbirds. Reid is one of two photographers for the team, responsible for taking some of the crazy photographs that depict the official demonstration team in action. In the video, he describes how he uses his gear in the back of an F-16D to get the photos. The Thunderbirds are in the middle of their demonstration season. Here’s the schedule.