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Our previous post on Gen. Mark Welsh’s concerns that airmen are growing bored and considering leaving drew several comments from readers, but we’d like to get more of your thoughts. Specifically, we’re wondering what you think the Air Force should do to fix the problem. E-mail me with your thoughts at As always, your name will be kept anonymous if you like.

When you’re a kid, complaining of boredom usually gets you more chores to do around the house. But when you’re serving in an Air Force that is facing deep budget-driven cuts to its flying hours, boredom complaints may be a sign of serious morale and looming retention problems. As we reported, Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Welsh last week raised the specter of bored pilots and flight crews while testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee: The flying reductions are starting to affect the Air Force’s morale in worrying ways, Welsh said. He said he recently spoke to…

The Department of Defense announced today that the the Air Force active and reserve components met their  recruiting and retention benchmarks fiscal year-to-date 2011, through May. The Air Force had 18,444 accessions, which was its fiscal year-to-date 2011 recruiting goals.  DoD said the service is on track to meet its fiscal year-to-date 2011 retention goals. The Air National Guard had 4,529 accessions, with a goal of 4,523; while the Air Force Reserve had 6,079 accessions, with a goal of 6,194. DoD said that both components are on target to achieve their fiscal year attrition goals.