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The Air Force is reminding the Army Black Knights that even if they lose, it’s okay. Just “Shake it Off.” The Air Force Parachute Team, known as  the Wings of Blue, put their agility to the test as they dance — and plunge — to Taylor Swift’s album hit “Shake it Off” for the Air Force vs. Army football spirit video. The teams go head-to-head Nov. 1 at West Point. Winning the last 17 of 20 games against Army, the odds could be in the Falcon’s favor. Check out the video below: [youtube]

Making more than $65K right out of college isn’t a bad deal, mainly because it means you don’t have to resort to your parents’ couch. According to a new report from PayScale, some of the top universities where grads in the civilian workforce can get the most for their bachelor’s is at a military university. And the Air Force Academy makes the top 10. If you’re an Academy grad, chances are, you’ve landed a job that pays on average $66,700 as a starting salary, the study said. But pump the brakes: after ten or more years, you probably won’t be…